Moose guiding

Join our main activity of a guided moose feeding.

Fact forest

Explore our little fact forest and learn cool moose facts.


Go on one of the hikes around the moose park on your own.


We have many activities and our main activity is the wonderful guided moose feedings, where you can get close to the moose. 



What to expect on a feeding

During the moose feeding times you have the best chance to see these amazing animals. Meet and greet our moose. The moose will get served branches, twigs or snacks depending on what their moose keeper decide is on their menu. The feeding usually lasts around 30 – 40 minutes. The feeding area is a smaller area located near the Store/house, which makes it incredibly accessible with wheelchair and gives you excellent photo opportunities. The moose decide themselves when to enter the feeding area. Therefore amounts of moose can variate during feedings.

When visiting us it is never a full guarantee to be able to feed and pet our moose. This depends on the amount of guests attending the feeding and also the amount of hungry moose during that particular feeding or day. We do however do our best to make this possible.


Please note that we currently have younger/smaller sized moose.



There are some public trails around the reserve. These can be started from the parking area and requires no ticket. However, seeing moose on these trails is highly limited due to a large area and dense forest. The best area to see them in is in the feeding area.

Time: 1 hour

Language: English

We provide the moose food (twigs, potatoes or what is on the moose menu that feeding)

NOTE! Feedings are at specific times and when the moose have eaten they will lay down and digest their food.


Explore our new nature guidings around the moose park in the beautiful Swedish nature with information about local history, wildlife and flora, sustainability and of course moose

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Are you curious on nature? We invite you to join us on a guided 1 hour hike that takes you around our moose park. We will walk by an ancient burial mound, the tranquil lake “Skogan öga” and up the steep hills to the scenic spot. The guide will inform about local history, wildlife, flora, sustainability and moose on small stops on the way.  Children are very welcome on nature guidings but we recommend the 1 hour “curious” guiding if they are under 10 years. 

  • Ancient burial mound
  • Skogens öga lake
  • Scenic spot on steep hill

Time: 1 hour

Length: 2,5 km

Terrain: 3 of 5​

Quiz available (pick up in the reception)​



We welcome all curious kids on a 45-60 min. hour walk (1,5 km) with a nature game. The walk is on kid-friendly terrain (but adults must join for safety) and will encourage exploration of the forest. Kids of all ages are welcome and the game kit is available in level 1 (0-8 years) and 2 (9-13 years). The nature game kit is handed to all participants at the start of the walk. The game is a finding nature’s treasure game where you get different points for different items found, seen or heard on the walk.  

  • Ancient burial mound
  • Skogens öga lake

Time: 45-60 min.

Length: 1,5 km

Terrain: 2 of 5


  • Language: English is the default language due to different nationalities but it is also possible with Danish/ w. little Swedish (The nature guide is Danish).
  • Children: Children are very welcome on nature guidings but we recommend the 1 hour “curious” guiding if they are under 8 years. Children under 14 can not attend nature guidings without guardians. 
  • Footwear: Good footwear is recommended for both guidings but normal shoes will work for the 1 hour “curious” guiding. Bring dry socks and waterproof footwear for the 2 hour hike if possible. 
  • Strollers: We do not recommend strollers on either hikes due to steep hills.


NOTE! The nature guiding is a separate activity than moose guiding and needs to be booked in advance. 



Are you still curious on moose? You can read and look at moose facts in our little fact forest 100 meters away from the moose feeding area.  

Fact forest is made with nature in mind. It has five information stations where you can test your knowledge about moose and learn more about specific topics including diet, mating, tracks, horns and poop. 


Do you know how much a moose can eat every day or how moose tracks look so you can spot them in the wild? How does moose poop look and how much does a moose shit daily? You will get all the answers in Fact forest! There is also a cool fact tree full of moose facts. 


NOTE! CLOSED UNTIL 15/3! Fact forest is made in Swedish and English. Please help us take care of the fact forest and don’t cross the ropes or touch the items except the big moose food bag. 

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Feel free to explore our nature and surrounding areas and forage many delicious edibles from the forest. 

Let your instincts and curiosity take over and guide you through our nearby nature that offers many different gems. The whole park and area around is covered in a thick and dense layer of blueberry bushes and you are welcome to pick some and taste the amazing berries. We also have smaller areas of lingon berries, which is a famous Swedish berry made to jam and used for the dish “Kötbullar” (meat balls). You can also find the more rare berry called cloudberry if you take the walk around the park. It is also possible to find various mushrooms in the forest. 


NOTE! Foraging in the nature is on your own. It is your responsibility to know what to pick and what to leave and if you are in doubt please search for information before you pick the wrong thing. Help us keep our nature flourishing by foraging with care and respect for nature to be able to regrow the plants for the next season. Don’t take plants up with roots or break of branches. 


Wildlife around our park

As animal lovers, we cherish the wildlife in and around our park. We have a selection of identified, typical Swedish animals which you might be lucky to spot but there is no guarantee. If you wish to get a chance to see the wildlife, we suggest you visit our park in the low season as most wildlife is shy and our high season is very human busy. Please let us know if you see other animals or species so we can update our list!


We have a couple of squirrels living in the park and around the house. Our favorite squirrel is Mimi, who we have known since she was a baby. We feed squirrels at their squirrel buffet. 

Roe deer

We see many deer tracks in our park and they often wander close to the moose fence. We are wondering if they are having a family meeting with far out relatives.   

Red fox

The red fox sometimes sneaks its way into the moose reserve. The moose do not like foxes but the fox does not pose any threat. We always know when we have a sneaky fox guest. 

Wild moose

We have a couple wild moose walking around the park and sometimes inside the visitors area during the night. We have witnessed our moose Molly and a wild female having a meeting.  

Robin (European)

This is our cutest bird with its very round shape and flashy red breast. The robin is a curious bird that likes searching the ground for worms doing gardening work or when the moose dig holes. 

Black woodpecker

Our woodpecker is very active and loves our big oak tree by the house. We often hear how its pecking in the tree. If you know what to look for you might spot it but it hides well under the branches.

Eurasian nuthatch

One of the funniest small birds in the park is the nuthatch with its “bandidos” look. It can forage when descending trees head first, as well as when climbing and it always steals from the squirrel buffet. 


It is no wonder that we have small visitors like the hare thanks to the dense forest area that shelter it from air born predators. Our selection of wild clover, grass and dandelion is tasty hare food!

Eurasian blue tit 

A colorful little bird with a blue head and feathers while the yellow chest stands in beautiful contrast. It mainly eats insects but is curious and intelligent enough to learn and adapt to new food sources. 

Little weasel

This cute, small weasel has a slender and long body. It feeds on mouse, small rodents and bird eggs. We have a pair that lives under our tool sheds and they peek curiously out and say hello. 

Wild boar

Behind our moose park we have a big forest where there are active wild boars. They leaves traces like digging in the ground and big poops! Wild boars are considered shy but dangerous if encountered.

Tawny owl

Sweden’s most common owl has also shown itself here in our park. It was actually pretty curious and flew into our moose store and sat on top of a stuffed beaver for hours. We rescued it safely out in the wild.


There are two different public hikes in the area. Choose between them or combine them for a longer hike. Please see our maps around the park or below and don’t hesitate to ask our staff for further information about the hikes.


"The walk around"

Enjoy a great walk around our 10 hectare moose forest reserve.

Explore the calming nature and see the beautiful view from the scenic spot on top of the little mountain. Enjoy the big variety in nature going from pine forests to open areas of heather, flowers and moss. Be aware of steep hills on this hike. 

Time: 30-40 minutes

Length: 1,5 km (one-way trip)

Terrain: 3 of 5


"Skogens öga"

Skogens öga (forest eye) is a walk to a lake surrounded by cliffs.

The lake offers a peaceful and quite atmosphere thanks to its round shape quite atmosphere thanks to its round shape completely covered in trees and hills. Go through an untouched nature on the way to the lake. Be aware of cliffs on the way. 

Time: 50-60 minutes

Length: 2,4 km (back and forth trip)

Terrain: 2 of 5


Tresticklan is the biggest roadless and uninhabited forest area in southern Sweden.


About 20 minutes from our moose park is Tresticklan National Park. With an area of 30 square kilometer, the national park is the largest roadless and uninhabited forest area in southern Sweden. It is an amazing nature experience and we highly recommend planning to combine a visit to our park with this wonderful national park. There are different hikes and entrances but no matter where you go, we guarantee you that you will enjoy yourself!

We look forward to meeting you in our moose park!