We have many activities and our main activity is the wonderful guided moose feedings.

How to book:

  1. Choose person amounts
  2. Choose a date (red and white dates are not bookable)
  3. Choose a time of day
  4. Click book now




What to expect on a feeding

During the moose feeding times you have the best chance to see these amazing animals. The moose will get served branches, twigs or snacks depending on what their moose keeper decide is on their menu. The feeding usually lasts around 30 – 40 minutes. The feeding area is a smaller area located near the Store/house, which makes it incredibly accessible with wheelchair and gives you excellent photo opportunities. The moose decide themselves when to enter the feeding area. Therefore amounts of moose can variate during feedings.

Please note the we in total currently have 10 younger/smaller sized moose (1-4 years old), (6 females and 4 males), in our 10 hectare reserve.

4 of our females have recently gotten new calves in May/June. Due to aggression to our other moose they have to get fed on separate locations and can unfortunately not attend the normal feedings with our 1 year olds.



There are some public trails around the reserve. These can be started from the parking area and requires no ticket. However, seeing moose on these trails is highly limited due to a large area and dense forest. The best area to see them in is in the feeding area.

The ticket gives you access to:

  • Feeding area (Small area where moose are being fed)
  • Participating in moose feeding with guide.
  • Kids forest play area
  • Fact forest
  • Activity folder/map 

NOTE! Feedings are at specific times and when the moose have eaten they will lay down and digest their food. They can still be seen when entering the moose park but they will most likely not get up and come close to the fence before they are hungry again.

The guide will mainly speak in English depending on the group.