We have many activities and our main activity is the wonderful guided moose feedings, where you can get close to the moose.





During September-October the moose enter Brunst/mating time.Regular moose feeding can not  be guaranteed and the amount of visible moose can vary every day. The ticket price will also vary depending on the day and amount of moose. 

During the moose feeding times you have the best chance to get close to these amazing animals. Meet our friendly moose and perhaps get the opportunity to pet them. You will feed them moose branches, twigs or snacks depending on what their moose keeper decide is on their menu. The feeding usually lasts around 30 – 40 minutes where the moose are actively standing and later will lay down to ruminate. You can watch how they do and enjoy. The feeding site is a smaller area located near the house, which makes it incredibly accessible with wheelchair and gives you excellent photo opportunities. The moose has a 10 hectar forest reserve but will enter the feeding area when hungry throughout the day. Everyday we have a live count feed outside the park on the amount of moose currently in feeding area.

NOTE! Feedings are at specific times and when the moose have eaten they will lay down and digest their food. They can still be seen when entering the moose park but they will most likely not get up and come close to the fence before they are hungry again.