Tresticklan National Park: The biggest roadless and uninhabited forest area in south Sweden

About 20 minutes from our moose park is Tresticklan National Park. With an area of 30 square kilometer, the national park is the largest roadless and uninhabited forest area in southern Sweden. It is an amazing nature experience and we highly recommend planning to combine a visit to our park with this wonderful national park. There are different hikes and entrances but no matter where you go, we guarantee you that you will enjoy yourself!



Tresticklan national park is a sight worth seeing when visiting Dalsland. Join us on a 5 hours guided nature hike through one of South Sweden’s most beautiful national parks. The landscape is impressive thanks to the geology and the nature will make sure you get some amazing moments while learning about the Scandinavian nature. The tour is approximately 9 km and is set to take 5 hours incl. breaks. On the tour we will lake by many lake views, wonderful moss worlds and endless pine forests. The guide will talk about Swedish nature, wildlife, botanic and Tresticklan in particular.

Time: 5 hours

Length: 9 km approx.

Terrain: 4 of 5

tresticklan national park


The easiest way to visit the area is to start from the national park’s entrance and follow the path that leads into the park.

It’s a good idea to bring along a map and compass if you choose to hike outside the trails.




tresticklan national park

Getting to Trestickaln National Park

Tresticklan National Park is in the Dals-Eds municipality in north-western Dalsland, adjoining the Norwegian border.

The best way to reach the national park is from the east. Road signposting from the highway between Ed and Nössemark. At the car park there is a marked trail to the park boundary (about 0.6 km). At the border there is an exhibition about the national park on a viewing screen. The park also can be reached by hiking trails that start from Dals-Ed and Halden. You can also take a taxi to the entrance from Dals-Ed.


Safety and rules

The purpose of the regulations is to protect the valuable nature in the Tresticklan National Park. You are welcome to visit Tresticklan National Park. Remember that you are not allowed to:

Break off branches, cut down or in any other way damage living or dead trees and shrubs, Erect a building, windbreak, hut or other arrangement,  Ditch or dam, Use nutrient material or chemical biocides, Add lime to soil or water, Hunt, Build a fire; the prohibition does not apply to use of a portable stove or something similar, Pick, collect or dig up plants. Have unleased dogs.