Pine Cone Shelter


Welcome to our charming Pine Cone Shelter! This nature inspired rustic shelter is centrally located in Dals Ed just at the main road 66. The shelter is part of a small cluster of cabins situated 1 minute walk from the lake, Lilla Lee.


Welcome to our charming Pine Cone Shelter! This nature inspired rustic shelter is centrally located in Dals Ed just at the main road 66. The shelter is part of a small cluster of cabins situated 1  minute walk from the lake, Lilla Lee.

Our cosy 2-person shelter is perfect for the outdoor lovers and backpackers – or maybe even a fun challenge for the comfort lovers who want to try a rustic, simple lifestyle out! Can you handle 24 hours without electricity? The shelter is unheated and without electricity but offers roof over the head and a cosy atmosphere. This shelter offers all you a memorable night before your next adventure.

Practical information

Booking terms

General terms and conditions for booking accommodation and experiences in rental cabins 2022.

It is important that you as a guest take note of our booking rules. By completing the online booking, the guest has accepted its terms and conditions and the amount of the booking will be charged immediately, via your credit card



The responsible organizer is Dalslands Moose Ranch AB who currently rents the area and cabins. Organisationsnummer 559009-5096. The reception for the rental cabins is at Dalslands Moose Ranch just across the road or a 5 min. walk under the tunnel. 

Address to the moose park: Ed Högankas 2, 66892 Dals Ed. 

Address to the rental cabins: Södra Moränvägen 68, 66831 Dals Ed. 


The guest books and pays online, in advance at at the time of booking.



The booking is binding for both the establishment and the guest as soon as the establishment has confirmed the booking to the guest by an automatic email. If no confirmation email is received within 20 minutes, it may be that the wrong email address has been entered or that the email has ended up in the spam folder. If you choose to depart earlier than planned, no money will be repaid unless agreed otherwise with us. It is the guest’s responsibility to check the booking confirmation as soon as it is received. Please contact us as soon as possible to correct any errors in the time of arrival. 



In the first instance, the guest should cancel or rebook the booking in writing to the resort via email. Indicate the booking number or the person responsible for the booking. 



As a guest of rental cabins, you must have travel insurance to cover illness or unforeseen circumstances prior to your stay. We recommend all guests to have a valid travel insurance or equivalent before their trip.



In case of cancellation at least 7 days prior to arrival (2pm), 100% of the amount will be refunded. Cancellations received less than 7 days before arrival will be charged 100% of the booking amount. Cancellations or changes in the booking is made through email to:



You have access to the cabins from the time you check in at 14.00 on the day of arrival until the day of departure, when you leave the cabins and shower room by 10.30 at the latest.
 The check-in is handled by yourself and you can take the keys in the key box on the wall. The code has been sent to you already. The rental cabins or reception are not staffed during the evening and the reception closes at 16.00, so we cannot check you in after 15.30. 



The guest must follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply. 

    • You must not allow more people to stay or stay overnight in rental cabins, than stated in the booking.
    • You may not erect a tent or hammock without contacting us first.
    • All persons in your booking must be declared at the time of booking.

    • The guest is obliged to compensate the facility for material and equipment damage to the facility caused by inattentive behaviour.
    • Respect the cabin’s furniture and decorations, it is specially selected for you and future guests enjoyment. We hope you will help us take care of the cabin and surrounding buildings. Please take care of the furnishings in the cabins and other facilities. The furnishings in the cabins should not be used outside or taken on activities.

    • If the guest has any complaint regarding their stay, the guest should contact the host so that any ambiguities or misunderstandings can be resolved on the spot during their stay, for the best experience.
    • The guest must indicate at the time of booking if any of the guests suffer from any type of allergy related to the stay so that the establishment as host is able to provide the appropriate service.
  • The sleep roof is not allowed for kids unsupervised under the age of 10 and kids are not allowed to operate or handle the foldable staircase.  
  • If a fault arises during your stay, it shall be reported to us immediately so that we have the chance to handle it. If you do not report a fault, you cannot claim compensation. If you have received compensation but are not satisfied with it you must inform us of this within 3 weeks (21 days) of departure. This may be done verbally, in writing or by email. We recommend email.


Minimum age for booking – To book a stay at our rental cabins you must be 18 years or older. When booking larger parties, at least 2 people responsible for the booking must be 18 years or older. Please also note that one responsible person in each cabin must be 18 years of age or older. Compliance with the age limit is a requirement under fire safety regulations. If the guest does not meet the age limit on arrival at the accommodation, cancellation rules apply. Authorisation can be given on arrival


Damage/Response – Please take care of our buildings and furniture, nature and surroundings. You as a guest are responsible for any damage you cause within our cluster of cabins. We appreciate it if you leave behind something as nice or nicer than you found it. A damage can easily happen. If something is broken or damaged, please let us know so we can help pick it up or put it away, so no one gets hurt. 


Cleaning – All guests clean and tidy up following our cleaning list unless they have purchased cleaning. The cleaning list can be found in the cabin. Remember that you are part of other guests’ experience!


Upon check-out – We hope you enjoyed your stay in our cabins. You can self-check out by placing the key back in the key box. If you have any questions or need staff, please go to the moose park that opens at 11. We expect you to follow our cleaning list and if this is not followed we will fine you with 500 SEK if this standard is not met. 


Valuables – The cabins do not have a locked storage facilities and do not assume responsibility for your personal belongings during your stay. 


Pets – You may bring pets with you if you book the pine cone shelter. The moose cabin is allergy-friendly and no pets are allowed. 



In the case that the visit cannot be completed due to an impediment outside our control and that we could not reasonably have been expected to have foreseen when entering the agreement and the consequences of which could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome, we are free from liability for damages or other penalties.



Facing 2022 and claiming restrictions from the authorities, we hope that we return it to normal.  We always keep updated with the recommendations of the authorities and it is very important for us to keep you safe during your stay. We make sure to disinfect key guest areas between each stay.