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Dalslands Moose Ranch

Winter: Closed on Saturday, September 21, 28 and October 5 due to the roar of the moose. Then open Saturday 12, 19, 26 October at 11-12 with feeding of the moose at 11. Together with our experienced mooseguide you come really close to our moose at feeding. Entrance fee: Adults SEK 85, Children 4-13 years SEK 45, Children 0-3 years free. We like dogs but its not allowed to bring them in to the park.

The moose park with 100% moose guarentee

You are welcome to Dalslands Moose Ranch in Dals-Ed for a very special experience. Within our 25 acres you will find 6 tame moose roaming through the woods and within easy reach for shelter, food and water. They live just like moose are supposed to live. Now you can get really close to these mighty animals and get a memory for life.

The moose is the biggest deer on earth and perfectly fit for the environment it lives in. Did you know that a moose can run up to 60 km/h and that its hearing and sense of smell are extremely well-developed? When you visit us you will find out a lot more!

Dalslands Moose Ranch and its moose park, shop and café is situated right next to highway 164/166 in Dals-Ed, within a stone’s throw from Gröne Backe Camping. The establishment is easy to reach, suitable for disabled persons and the possibilities to take pictures are excellent. The tourist agency is closely connected to the moose park.

Welcome to an experience where the King of the Woods makes the centre of the attraction!
And don’t forget your camera!
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Closed november 10th

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» Our Moose Ranch

Dalslands Moose Ranch
Dalslands Moose Ranch
Dalslands Moose Ranch
Dalslands Moose Ranch
Dalslands Moose Ranch

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You can find many moose-related gifts and products in our special moose shop. We guarantee there is something for almost everyone¨s desire in the shop: T-shirts, sweaters, hats, caps, towels, mouse pads, glasses, cups, cuddly toys, key-rings, postcards ...
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FilmVisit our Youtube channel for new, funny and exciting clips on our wonderful moose in our moose park Dalslands Moose Ranch.
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Ed is not all about the moose. There are a lot of other activities and sights you can experience such as fishing, hiking in Tresticklan National Park, canoeing and cycling. You can camp in great natural beauty or choose a hotel near both the waterfront and town. Learn more...