// About Dalslands Moose Ranch

We can offer you a real moose adventure.
Meeting moose, known as the King of the Forest, is a grand event. Moose are large and majestic, with something special and ancient about them that have always fascinated people.

Dalslands Mosse Ranch

Dalslands Moose Ranch We guarantee that you will see moose and provide a uniquely close contact with our domesticated animals. You will also learn more about how the moose live here. We can also give you tips on where you are most likely to see moose in our fantastic wilderness so you can go on your own, personal moose safari.

You are most welcome to our Dalslands Moose Ranch, the moose centre of Dalsland Province in Sweden.

Our park is 10 hectare big and provides a variety of shelter, fodder and water for the moose.

Dalslands Moose Ranch